Pinterest: Wedding Planning Friend or Foe?

Pinterest: Wedding Planning Friend or Foe?

Pinterest, it’s an incredible tool for wedding planning, great inspiration and a source of dreamy fantasy images.  Many of my couples will come to me with a Pinterest board in place, or at some point one will often materialise. For a wedding planner, or a bride, at first glance, Pinterest seems great! However, it’s just one tool in the wedding planning tool box, so in today’s blog post I thought I’d outline some of the pros and cons of Pinterest. Essentially it all comes down to understanding the difference between replication v inspiration and using it accordingly.

Use Your Pinterest board as Inspiration to Create a Wedding Personal to You

Your wedding day is an amazing opportunity to have a day that truly reflects you and share your loves with your friends and family. This will always trump producing a cookie cutter wedding that is purely based on the latest wedding trend. Trends are great for inspiration but don’t incorporate them if they aren’t a true reflection of you. Sometimes brides don’t know about more unique options, because they aren’t on Pinterest or, at least, they don’t come near the top of the results. Talk to your planner or suppliers, we might just know of something that will be perfect that hasn’t hit the top of the Pinterest boards yet.

One of my favourite weddings was that of Stacey and Alastair, Stacey had used Pinterest to help design her wedding but she was also determined to have a day that reflected the slightly wacky sense of humour they shared. It might not be obvious in the picture below but they had a massive light up sign above their top table and, later, the dance floor, which said ‘REGRETS’. Now, although the idea of a light-up sign may have come from Pinterest, you can bet your bottom dollar the wording wasn’t! You can ready more about their day here.

Pinterest Versus Reality

Pinterest can cause some delicate conversations for us wedding planners. Yes, the images look lovely, but are they achievable for you? Many of the images are still American meaning that flowers, for example, may not be available in the UK, especially not at the time of year of your wedding. Secondly, many of the images you’ll see are from large budget weddings. Realise that you can use these images for inspiration, but your suppliers will do just that, they will use them for inspiration but then tailor them to what is available and achievable within your budget.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Pinterest (feel free to check out my boards here, you just need to know how to use it, what it’s good for and what it’s limitations are.

My top tips for using Pinterest and not getting overwhelmed:

  1. Get Pinning – Start by pinning absolutely everything you love. My tip at this stage would be to start off by pinning them all to one board, don’t separate out into ‘Cakes’, ‘Stationery’, ‘Bridesmaids Dresses’ etc. Further down the line you can then produce separate boards when you’re ready to start more in-depth decision making. See tip 2 for why I suggest this approach
  2. Refine – Once you are done pinning, review your board. Often a key style will begin to emerge, so consider minimising your board towards that style to give you some clarity and a consistent design. If both partners have Pinned, this stage is a great time to have a conversation to discuss how you could design a wedding you would both love.
  3. Individual elements – Stage one and two above should have allowed you to discover what look and feel you both want from your wedding. This should help to reduce the chance of being overwhelmed by Pinterest. From here you’ll find it easier to do more specific searches for each aspect of your wedding and produce a board for each if you wish to do so. Remember, each time you start a board, pin everything you like and then review and refine to keep your boards really clear.
  4. Suppliers – Do share your boards with suppliers. I’d recommend you always show them the overview board as this allows them to get an understanding of the feel you’d like for the whole wedding and then they may be able to make suggestions of other ways you could achieve it, whereas if you just show, for example, a stationer a picture of the stationery you like, you are more likely to end up with a replication rather than a something more personal which has been inspired by your board.
  5. Refer back – As you go through your wedding planning do refer back to your overview board. It can help to bring you back on track if you start to get lead astray.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, or are feeling overwhelmed by Pinterest and need some help with designing your dream wedding please do get in touch.

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