Angela & Adrian

Northover Manor, Ilchester, Somerset

Angela & Adrian

“After the excitement of our engagement it quickly dawned on me that I had to begin planning a wedding, a task which filled me with dread. I really didn’t know where to start, and that’s when we realised that we desperately needed help to manage our budget while achieving the personal touches which would make our day so special. From the earliest days of planning, Caroline supported us by outlining the areas in which we needed to allocate our budget. This included some tiny but all important details such as gifts for the Mothers, which I would have overlooked had I been left to my own devices. Receiving Caroline’s financial guidance completely took the stress out of the process of wedding planning, and it even helped to convince our very cautious Father of the Bride of the importance of many aspects of the wedding!

Caroline shared our vision for the wedding from day one and her incredible knowledge of wedding venues in our chosen area enabled us to find the dream location at a budget that we would never have thought possible. She also negotiated the best value for our money and sought the best suppliers and services to fit our budget.

I couldn’t recommend Caroline and her professional, friendly and practical approach any more highly. She turned a process that I was dreading into an absolute dream, enabling us to have a wedding day far beyond our own expectations, yet at a budget below it.”

Angela & Adrian

Ceremony Venue

St Michael the Archangel, North Cadbury, Somerset

Reception Venue

Northover Manor, Ilchester, Somerset


Samantha Davis


May 10, 2016